How it works

01. Skill Gap Assessment 

We first assess the skill gaps between your employee’s current job and the new one.

02. On-the-Job Upskilling 

Next, your employee receives relevant on-the-job training to get them up to speed on their new role. 

03. Ongoing Coaching 

We stay with your employee every step of the way, providing in-depth technical coaching based on performance analysis. 

Our Programs

Each of our programs is led by an expert Technical Coach, with hands-on and practical approach. We customize our programs considering your team’s specific needs in order to ensure maximum job productivity in minimum time.

Software Engineering

Software Development is a wide discipline. Therefore we have different paths focusing on core backend and FE technologies: JAVA, PHP, and MERN Stack.

Data Engineering

This program provides a solid base for Data Engineers or Data Analysts, focusing on paths including Python, SQL, ETL queries, as well as the key Data Visualization tools and techniques.

Technical Cloud Support

From supporting cloud environments to Linux systems, this program is perfect for teams looking for L1 support specialists with technical knowledge and service level.

Advanced Software Engineering

With this program, top technical teams can easily bring new developers up to speed on good practices such as CI/CD, Microservices, Containers, Testing etc.

B2B Sales & Client Success

This program provides all necessary hands-on tools, knowledge and techniques to sell B2B SaaS products. Including everything from lead generation to messaging, pitching and much more, it’s perfect for providing a solid base for SDRs, BDMs & AEs.

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