Recruiters Say: What's Wrong with LinkedIn?

Recruiters Say: What's Wrong with LinkedIn?

Within the framework of our Recruiter Opinion project, we approached Rap Paulavicius, a Freelance Recruiter, to ask what would be the one major change he would like to see in the recruitment field. 

"Not having to rely on LinkedIn," Rap notes.

According to him, LinkedIn is not friendly to recruiters and is designed to squeeze out the maximum profit, rather than connecting job seekers with employers, even though that's how they market themselves.

"It's a real shame as the platform could be doing so much more to make recruiters lives easier and allow them to spend more time to getting to know candidates," Rap adds. 

What's more, instead of helping job seekers find the best job for them, Rap thinks it's a platform designed to funnel the best talent to the companies that pay LinkedIn the most money.

"I understand LinkedIn is a business but as we've seen with all social media platforms, the drive towards monetization eventually turns the platform into a perverse version of itself. Instagram is now an ad driven marketplace. LinkedIn always has been a job marketplace, however not driven by market forces but rather by LinkedIn's algorithms that maximize their profit," he concludes. 


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